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What is healing and how does a healing session work? Healing treatments last 1 to 1½ hours, are different for every person and very much depend on your needs in that moment. This is a natural healing method and starts by clearing and charging your energy system in preparation for deeper work.


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A free 30 minute consultation on what energy healing can help you with and to assess if healing treatments are what’s best for you, contact me by email at or by telephone on +44 1534 722617.


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I’m happy to chat with you about whether energy healing is right for you. Please email me on or telephone +44 1534 722617.


"Come Fully into the Present moment and experience healing - with Elaine McGoogan"

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Jul 24, 2012

Brennan Healing Science – the Founder and the School

Brennan Healing Science is a form of energy healing which can bring a profound sense of wellbeing and relaxation, amongst many other benefits.

Mar 12, 2012

Relational Cording

Relational Cording – how we relate to each other!  From an energy body perspective we form connections – relational cords – with our families (mother, father, siblings and our ancestors), with our friends, teachers, animals, with particular events in our lives, and with the people we marry as well as our children we give birth to.  This creates a beautiful, multi-faceted, interconnected web throughout the planet.  However, sometimes these cords become distorted, unhealthy or damaged because of how we relate to each other. Have you ever had a particularly...

Mar 11, 2012


Grounding – why is this good for us? I read somewhere recently that we can never have too much grounding and I’d agree with that wholeheartedly. I’ve had an on and off love affair with grounding for the past 30 years (or rather for all of my life) but consciously for the past 30 years.  I worked with many teachers and healers “on my grounding”, read about it and thought I knew all there was to know about it.  At a certain age I believed I was grounded!  However,...