Energy Healing

Interesting Links

Brennan Healing Science

In order to find out more information of this method of energy healing or to learn more about training in Brennan Healing Science, please go to the website for the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe at:

Eyesight and Vision

For further information on natural vision methods, here are a couple of recommendations:

Altevi (Alexander Technique & Vision Improvement) at

Peter Grunwald / The Eyebody Method at

Relational Healing

If you’re interested in exploring relational healing and would like more information, check out these sites:

Jan Jansen – Mindful Relating –


Dean Ramsden – Relational Energy Healing –

Happy for No Reason

Marci Shimoff – author of Happy for No Reason –  She’s also brought out a new book called Love for No Reason (7 Steps to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love).

Human Design

Human design is a really useful tool for knowing the self –

Further information can also be found on

How we look and what we eat

Pratima Raichur – author of Absolute Beauty –

Julia Ross – author of The Mood Cure –