Energy Healing


This is the story of why…..

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, compassionate, vibrant Goddess who stumbled upon a planet called Earth.  It looked kind of interesting and colourful and incredibly beautiful so she decided to visit for a while and check it out.  She shimmied and shimmered out of the  warm blackness of the Void and sparkled down the deep, delicious path of Intention full of joy and excitement at the prospect of a new experience.  However, when she landed (with a bit of a bump!) at the top of a mountain the first beings she encountered had forgotten their God and Goddess natures and were vibrating at a very different frequency from our Goddess.  They were quite frankly very scary to her (and to themselves).  This is where she fell, in one moment, into the trap of “Fear” and quite forgot that she could choose between Love and Fear.

She made her way down the mountain in a state of shock already forgetting that the plan was for her to experience all that this beautiful planet could offer – the pathway back to Love and Truth and Self Knowledge – and for her to radiate her Brilliance into the World, doing her bit to create Heaven on Earth.  And so she began a long, long journey of learning – experiencing pain and pleasure with all the consequences they bring – a really bumpy, roller coaster of a ride through Life (as we know it!) until one day Love decided to remind our Goddess who she really was.  Quite unexpectedly as she was out for a nice, relaxing walk – BAM – Love hit her on the head with a bolt of Light!  Well, this changed life for our Goddess – nothing was quite the same ever again – her heart opened and she finally remembered who she truly was.  And you know what, this beautiful, compassionate, vibrant Goddess turned out to be me, and you, and you, and you ….

The moral of the story is that each and every one of us has a Goddess (or God – or even both) inside us, and I’d like to help women rediscover their magnificent Goddess being.  I’d like to help them embody who they truly are, on the outside and on the inside, as I believe one nourishes the other.

My journey since being hit on the head by a bolt of light has been one of trying to understand what happened to me then – what were those periods of bliss I experienced all about and how could I find them again and make my way back to the sense of clarity I felt.  It seems to be like a door creaking open just a little until I hit a boundary and I have to wait and be patient and stabilise where I am until I can give the door a little push again to hear it creaking open some more.   Lots of patience and trust was and is needed.


“Beauty is the translucence, through the material phenomenon,

of the eternal splendour of the ‘one’ ”. 

Werner Heisenberg, Physicist