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Brennan Healing Science – the Founder and the School

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Brennan Healing Science – the Founder and the School

Brennan Healing Science is a form of energy healing which can bring a profound sense of wellbeing and relaxation, amongst many other benefits.  It was founded by Dr Barbara Ann Brennan in 1982.  She is best known for her book Hands of Light, used as a manual by healers all over the world.   Barbara is a former NASA physicist who has been researching and exploring the realms of human consciousness and the Human Energy Field for more than 35 years and she features on the Watkins List of 100 most spiritually influential people still alive.

There are two Brennan schools – in Miami and Austria – and for  more than 30 years Barbara has been teaching and developing a 4-year curriculum specialising in hands on energy healing and personal transformation which has been enhanced and refined over the years thanks to Barbara and a team of highly specialised and talented teachers.   People of all ages and all walks of life come from all over the world to train at these schools, meeting 5 times a year – hundreds of people in one place at the one time with the same objective – to learn about themselves in order to better support their clients’ own healing journey.

Each year of the School’s 4-year curriculum has a particular objective, each year building on the teaching of the previous year using grounded healing techniques, creative arts and personal process work.  It’s a 4-year journey of self discovery, healing relationships, deepening spiritual connections and finally discovering what their unique expression as a healer is so that the healer can be present and open to support clients through their own journey of self-discovery – their journey to wholeness and wellness however that looks and feels to the client.

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