Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Light on purpleWhat is energy healing and why would you want to have energy healing treatments?

People come for energy healing for a variety of reasons:  some to find out what it is and experience how it feels, others because they have a physical problem and want to resolve it – often having exhausted traditional medicine and wanting alternative medicine – and others come to develop themselves and go deeper into their spiritual or emotional wellbeing.

Ultimately, I think we all want the same thing – health and wholeness – whether on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, and to achieve deeper contact with who we truly are – our God self.  We want to feel joy, happiness and peace, as well as dynamic wellbeing.  Energy healing can and does clear the way for more energy flow in our bodies and in our lives.  This allows deep feelings of peace, wellbeing and happiness to flow more and more easily everywhere – in our bodies and in our lives.  It helps us to move through challenging times with more ease and grace, increasing the energy flow, no matter the reason for coming to a healing session.  It deeply affects the energy field which surrounds and penetrates the body, unravelling and clearing blockages and limiting beliefs which get in the way of a sense of wellbeing, health and self confidence.

Have you ever experienced any of the following?:

  • A sense of overwhelm
  • A flatness in your energy levels
  • A desire to move forward in your life but not being sure how
  • Discomfort or pain in your body
  • Symptoms of menopause that you don’t want to treat with traditional medicine

Or are you going through a difficult period in life because of the death of a loved one; or the upheaval of divorce?

All of these have an energetic aspect.  By clearing and repairing the energy field, the physical, emotional or mental issues can be greatly alleviated.  Even people who are not currently experiencing any difficulties in their lives can benefit from energy healing, with potentially an even greater sense of wellbeing.

How much wellbeing do you want and can you accept in your life?

Marci Shimoff in her book ‘Happy for No Reason’ suggests that each of us has a set point of happiness – some have a low set point and others a high set point – but that we can with intention increase this level of happiness.  See her website

Some of the benefits that people experience from energy healing are:

  • An increased sense of wellbeing
  • A profound relaxation and connection to the self
  • A decrease in painful symptoms and a shortened recovery time
  • Movement through painful emotional issues more easily
  • An increase in their ability to move through challenges with grace

As each individual is unique, I work very differently with each person but always with the intention to help you experience who you truly are and become more fully present.   This form of healing allows me to help with your journey to wellness and consciousness by learning to accept yourself as you are and grow into the fullness of yourself.