Energy Healing

Healing Sessions

White flowersA first healing session typically lasts 1½ hours.   Subsequent sessions would last 1 to 1½ hours depending on your needs.

You will be treated fully clothed on a massage table and the session begins with a hands on chelation to clear, charge and stabilise the energy field in order to prepare you for deeper work.  The chelation by itself can bring about health, wellbeing and transformation in the physical body.   Deeper work could include some or all of the following:

  • Chakra or organ restructuring
  • Spine cleaning
  • Balancing your endocrine system
  • Strengthening your energy system
  • Healing of relational cording to improve relationships
  • Time capsule healing to release trauma in your energy field
  • Spiritual surgery
  • Astral clearing
  • Hara healing to strengthen your intention
  • Core star healing to connect you to your true essence

I do not diagnose illness.  This healing work is complementary to medical treatment where medical treatment is needed.

I see this as a co-creative process between you, myself as the healer and the mysterious and sacred presence of Love, the unifying force of the Universe.  My job as a healer is to support you in your journey through life and to wellness, whatever wellness means for you.