Energy Healing


hElaine had been recommended to me through a friend and I decided to sign up for three 90 minute sessions to kick start my healing.

I am the type of person who, on the face of it, accepts criticism and feedback well but really I beat myself up about the littlest of things and am my own worst enemy.  Small changes started to happen from my first session.  There was no light bulb moment or switch which suddenly changed everything, it was merely a case of being able to deal with challenges and not stress.  The obstacles life throws at me are never going to change so my attitude had to, and Elaine has helped me achieve a more carefree and much less stressful life.  When these obstacles do appear I’m able to look at them and then pass them with little or no fuss.

I find it hard to put into words what energy healing has done for me but I live a happier, more stress free and definitely more positive life since I started working with Elaine.  Inner peace is something I never thought I’d have but now I do.

VH, Jersey


Volcano eruptionI have been fortunate to have Elaine guide me on my personal journey to discover my own true self for the past year now.  During this time Elaine has helped me deepen my connection to my own self and to Spirit, always with integrity, compassion and loving support.  Whilst moving through this transformational process, Elaine has performed energy healing which has provided me with much needed clarity, particularly with self acceptance.

I was fortunate to have her assistance by way of remote healing during a particularly challenging time when my inner battles threatened to overwhelm me.

Elaine has helped me to bring honesty both to myself and others, not just by rebalancing my energies but those also of my home environment by way of house cleansing.

Elaine’s professional and caring approach both challenge me to stop, think and question old beliefs  which no longer serve me and her wealth of knowledge gives me complete trust in her.  I look forward to continuing my journey with her support and do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wishing to discover their true selves.

ML, Jersey


I first met Elaine at a healing fair at Jersey Potteries.  I had endured a very traumatic experience a few days earlier and could not sleep, eat or stop crying.  I was in total shock and felt as though all my nerve endings were jumping around.  Elaine sat me down and asked me to explain what had happened.  Each time I tried to explain what had happened to anyone I became very distressed.  However, while talking to Elaine I could feel that I was becoming calmer.  During the treatment I could feel myself relaxing and afterwards went home and slept for the first time in days.

I had several more treatments with Elaine and felt exhilarated after each treatment.  I found myself singing and feeling joyous for the first time in ages.  I even got up and went for a run one morning – something I’d not done in months.  The traumatic feelings I had seemed to ebb away with each treatment.

MD, Jersey


My experience of receiving healing sessions from Elaine was of complete well-being, calm and rejuvenation.  As a result my fairly prolonged period of stress has washed away and I feel grounded and in control.  I felt that I completely achieved what I came for, arriving at my destination much sooner than if I’d not had the treatments.  Elaine was completely calm, non-intrusive and it was a wonderful relaxing experience that really works.

VO’D, Jersey


I have had the pleasure of experiencing Brennan Healing with Elaine on several occasions and would highly recommend it. Elaine is lovely and puts you at ease straight away. The healing process is very gentle but has huge effects.

KB, Jersey



I was very blessed to receive some healing treatments from Elaine.  It was very gentle and deeply relaxing and helped me move forwards with some issues that needed sorting.  I had full confidence in Elaine and felt that I could discuss anything with her without her judging me or the situation.

SR, Jersey