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Relational Cording

Posted by on Mar 12, 2012 in Energy Healing, Healing, Healing Energy, News and Views, Relationships |

Relational Cording

Relational Cording – how we relate to each other!  From an energy body perspective we form connections – relational cords – with our families (mother, father, siblings and our ancestors), with our friends, teachers, animals, with particular events in our lives, and with the people we marry as well as our children we give birth to.  This creates a beautiful, multi-faceted, interconnected web throughout the planet.  However, sometimes these cords become distorted, unhealthy or damaged because of how we relate to each other. Have you ever had a particularly difficult relationship in your life or connection to a life event which you’ve tried for many years to work through in psychotherapy or talking it out with people you trust and it never seems to resolve itself?  It could be there’s an energy cording or component in the relationship that needs to be healed.  This is very delicate, sensitive work and usually only arises when the client is ready to show the healer what needs to be cleaned and healed and infused with love.  This allows you to have healthier, more nourishing relationships and to move forwards in life. My own experience of receiving this type of healing is that it can and has profoundly changed my relationships with others and, just as importantly, my relationship to myself. If you’re interested in exploring relational healing and would like more information, check out these sites: Jan Jansen – Mindful Relating – Dean Ramsden – Relational Energy Healing –

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