Energy Healing

The Package

I have a vision of helping myself and other women rediscover their Beauty both inside and out.  I offer a package where we work together to achieve this and rediscover the passionate woman inside us all.  The fire of passionate living stems from inside and passionate living allows us to reclaim our inner and outer beauty.

This is a very unique process for each individual and I use several components which, in addition to patience and trust, are:


My aim is to work with you to help you find for yourself what it is you need as an individual – what type of movement works best and what type of nutrition works well for your body – helping to achieve inner clarity so that choices will become more instinctual with clear inner knowing – finding the keys unlock your own potential for fullness.  A whole body experience!

At the heart of my work is Clarity and Presence – these are things I passionately want for myself and I’m sure there are many other women (and men) out there who want the same.  The dictionary definition of Clarity is “easy to understand, easy to hear/see and thinking clearly”.  Since the beginning of time we have looked to seers and visionaries to help us find more clarity in our lives and now it’s our time to find it within ourselves.

One of the most profound moments in my own life which helped me realise the importance of Presence was when I was reading an introduction to Human Design (a tool to know the self – ).  In the book there was a quote which said:  “I have had many satoris and days of dissolving into bliss in this life.  And they were wonderful experiences.  But I would trade all of them put together for one moment of drinking a cup coffee as myself.   Simply me.”   I had such certainty that was what I was looking for – quite simply being myself, fully present, wide awake.


May I walk with Beauty before me  –

May I walk with Beauty behind me  –

May I walk with Beauty above me  –

May I walk with Beauty below me  –

May I walk with Beauty all around me  –

As I walk the Beauty way  –

(Navaho Prayer)