Energy Healing

Healing Energy

This will be the basis of my work ;  healing to clear the obstacles to deeper contact with the self, with others, strengthening your intention to be here and allowing you to rediscover contact with your own essence.

And where appropriate, I will add relational cording work – very deep and profound work with the energetic relational cords that we human beings form with each other.  From my own experience on the receiving end, I feel this is a way of healing that can profoundly change relationships as well as our perspective in the world.

I will also be working with the fears and wounds we hold around being who we truly are and that we express through our defences – our protection against pain – in order to become clearer about the underlying images we hold that keep us separate.  Once the underlying images are brought to awareness they have less power over us.

Throughout  the process we’ll be working with boundaries – yours and mine – opening and strengthening and creating healthy, flexible boundaries by constantly tracking where I am, where you are and what else needs to happen in the process.  This can be a really pleasurable experience, rediscovering the natural flow and life pulse in the body.


Give me beauty in the inward soul, and may the inner and the outer be at one