Energy Healing


Dance, Continuum, Yoga, Tai chi, Pilates, Somatics, Method Putkisto, martial arts, walking, swimming … There are a million ways out there to move our bodies.  How do we choose which one works best for our individual energy make up?  I firmly believe that movement can often be a healing response to barriers we hold between our self and the world.  There’s a way for each of us to feel inside ourselves to see what resonates best with us and at the same time be aware that it might change – one week we might need yoga and another week we might need to dance.  We might need something like 5 Rhythms dance to stay in the body as opposed to other forms of dance which could take us out of the body.  Biking to release emotions one day but the next day it might be too scary to be out in all that traffic noise.

So one size definitely doesn’t fit all!  I’d like to explore with you how to sense into your body and feel what’s the most appropriate type of exercise for you as part of this package.

 The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze

Gustav Adolfo Becquer