Energy Healing

Working together

The intention of the service I am offering is that we work together in support of you:

  • gaining inner clarity and freedom from limiting beliefs and images,
  • contacting your own core essence,
  • clearing and strengthening your energy body which in turn strengthens your physical body,
  • finding how you want to express your inner beauty on the outside,
  • transforming yourself into the full expression of your own beauty,
  • increasing your self confidence,
  • making changes in clothes, hair, makeup – exploring your unique expression of yourself,
  • bringing more flow into your life,
  • having more clarity when making choices.

I will be working with the flow of the life pulse – it’s not a linear process but a very fluid one.  We will work together over a period of 3-6 months and I will provide the following package of services:

  • 10    healings
  • 5      hours of listening/support time
  • 1      personal shopping day
  • 1      day of meditation/movement

I will start the process by asking you to complete an evaluation form to assess where you are now and over a period of approximately 3 – 6 months we’ll work together to allow change to happen.

This service is particularly aimed at you if you:

  • are perhaps feeling stuck and need help to move forwards
  • have had a serious illness and are in recovery and need support in getting back in touch with yourself or
  • have lost a partner through death or divorce
  • want more clarity on your life purpose
  • want to evolve emotionally and spiritually and express your true being
  • are going through (or are at the other end of) menopause.

If you wish to explore this package in more detail and would like information on costs, please get in touch with me to discuss your needs.  It will be an honour to accompany you on your journey.

Elaine McGoogan

Tel:  +44 1534 722617

Mobile:  +44 07913 800731