Energy Healing


One of my passions is vision in the widest sense and the clarity it brings.  This can be as simple as working with our eyesight through the visual pathway.

Over a period of 3 or so years I worked with teachers in both France and New Zealand to improve my own eyesight.

At the beginning of my exploration into natural vision, an enormous amount of inner clarity came first, followed by the physical confirmation with an improvement in the prescription for my glasses.

Although I moved to other areas of energy healing, eyes, eyesight and vision has always remained something I’m passionate about.  I have found that Energy Healing can bring many benefits for clients who specifically want to work with their vision.

If you’re interested and feel drawn to working with your eyes, your eyesight and inner clarity, please contact me to chat more about what you’d like to explore.

For further information on natural vision methods, here are a couple of recommendations:

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